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The Value Collection II

This new collection celebrates sustainability,
innovation, and self-expression. Our aim was - and is - to find new and
improved ways to produce fashion, one of which is through the dyeing
process. By exploring the non-linearity of fashion history, we are
experimenting with ancient dyeing methods to find a cleaner and
sustainable solution.

We strive to remain true to our design
philosophy to create innovative, wearable pieces, to carry every woman
through every day. Enjoy our collection which is 100% Chemical-free,
sustainable, and natural dyed with alkanna, coffee grounds, and

Vanessa Hong X Birgitte Herskind #2 Value Collection

The epitome of Nordic style

The collections embrace sensibility, longevity and
durability, to inspire, encourage and support the modern day woman and
her chosen purpose. Birgitte Herskind’s philosophy for thoughtfulness
and organic living filters down through the careful selection of fabric
and the high-quality craftsmanship of their European suppliers.